Using labour market research to get a “re-entry level” job

Career Consultant Jean Ottley shares some practical tips on looking for work after a break to have children. 

You may slot straight back into a paid job after maternity leave.

A woman holding a very small baby

Babies change your life and may change your ideas about paid work

But if you’ve had an extended break, or your priorities have changed, you may have to work harder than you thought to get another paid job.

“Labour market research” – or scouting for job opportunties – can be  a good reality check.

Take a look around your neighbourhood with a jobseeker perspective.

Where are the employers?

Which employers offer family-friendly hours? If you want a job to fit around school hours, consider that one of the busy periods in a cafe is 10 am to 2 pm. Hotel and motel cleaners often work similar hours.

This type of work may not be your ideal job, but  it may be what you need as a “re-entry level job”. Such a job can give you:

  • a useful transition back to paid work and a chance for you and your family to adjust
  • an income – for doing things that you are probably doing at home for free
  • the opportunity to get an up-to-date referee in a year or so
  • structure to your day once children are at school
  • a job you can ‘leave at work’ while you adjust to being back in the paid workforce
  • the chance to meet new people who may know someone who knows someone who needs a worker.

Re-entering the workforce after a break – what you may need to know 

Refresh your ideas and your image 

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  1. Kerryn Parke

    Other options for parents returning to work are: approaching your previous employer to see if there is any project work you could do from home; working part-time hours initially with the prospect of transitioning to full-time work at a later date; or putting a ‘job-share’ proposal (where you share your job with another employee) to your employer.
    Kerryn Parke, Career Consultant, BalancedYou Ltd, Lower Hutt

    • Patricia Laurenson

      Thanks for those great ideas Kerryn.

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