Why is a CV like a marshmallow?

Not that both are full of hot air and padding!

A recipe book, a jug of boiling water, a cup of honey and a spoon of gelatine on a bench

Basic ingredients are not attractive, in either marshmallows or CVs

Both CVs and marshmallows start with basic ingredients, which on their own may not be that attractive  – as the honey, gelatine and boiling water in the picture illustrate.

It’s  how the ingredients are combined, treated, and presented that makes all the difference.

In my office I hear our Advice Line call centre team. You can imagine the caller’s side as the Careers Advisor says things like,

“So you haven’t been able to get an interview. How many CVs have you sent off?”

Caller [probably]: “I’ve sent off 200 CVs and most times I don’t even get an answer!”

Careers Advisor: “Do you tailor your CV for each job?”

We then hear them referring the caller to the advice on our website about how to tailor a CV. 


Honey Toasted Marshmallow

A standard CV that just states your contact details, qualifications and work history is usually as appealing to an employer as a jug of water, a cup of honey and a spoonful of gelatine would be to someone who wanted a marshmallow.

A lot of time and beating goes into making marshmallow – and a lot of work goes into making a targeted CV.

But the work’s worth it, because the end result is something people do want to pick up. I’ll blog next with some recipes for targeted CVs. In the meantime, this is how the marshmallow turned out.

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