Never-again jobs – Misty

In this series I ask a range of people to tell me about the jobs they have done to get to where they are today. Amongst the great jobs, are the not-so-great ones they would never want to do again – the never-again jobs – and everyone had at least one of these. Should we consign these jobs to the memory graveyard or are there lessons we can learn from doing them?

We’d love to hear from you about your never-again jobs and what you learned.


What is your current job?

I’m a Practice Advisor. I help design new career education products, and anything else that helps us share those products with other people.

What was your first-ever job?

Working in a tearooms. I worked on Saturdays from 8am – 5pm. I had to make food, serve customers, do the dishes and lots of cleaning!

What have you done between your first job and your current job?

  • Track rider for a gallops stable – one year
  • Dairy farm assistant – one summer
  • Recreation assistant – one summer
  • Recreation survey of a river – one month
  • Show jumping stable assistant – three months
  • Occupational therapy assistant – three months
  • Officer Cadet, NZ Army – one year
  • Mushroom picker – three months
  • Army officer, NZ Army (NZ and East Timor) – seven years
  • Army officer, part time (NZ) – three years
  • Teacher – seven years
  • Career Consultant – two years

Which job did you really enjoy?

Track rider for the gallops stable – I love horses, I got paid to ride really, really fast and it was outdoors.

Which one was your never-again job?

Recreation assistant. It was working in the health industry and it was really sad to see the patients who had really bad mental health problems.

What have you learned from doing a job you didn’t enjoy?

One of my teaching jobs I really hated for the first 3 weeks. I had really difficult classes and I had started in the middle of the year. The students wanted their old teacher back. I cried every day as I drove to work but I stuck it out, and in the end I really enjoyed my job there. I learned not to leave too early as you can’t judge a job straight away, its takes time to settle in.

Qualifications (post-school)?

  • Bachelor of parks and recreation management
  • NZ Commissioning Course (NZ Army)
  • Certificate in Military Studies
  • Diploma of teaching
  • Diploma of career guidance
  • Postgraduate diploma of teaching
  • Postgraduate diploma in education.

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