Returning from Australia? Tumeke! Get some job seeking tips

Haere mai, mate. We knew you would come back, I mean… just look at us. Beautiful.

Things have changed since you’ve been away. We found moas! Nah, just kidding.

Here is what you need to know about coming back to the motherland:

Mining experience works here

Not only can you find some mining work here, you can use your hot mining skills and experience to find other kinds of work.

Heavy truck drivers can find work (with the relevant licences) in long haul driving, bus and train driving, crane operating, construction and road works, forklift driving and courier driving.

Been digging in quarries? Why not think about retraining in plumbing or becoming a line mechanic or a telecommunications technician. Check out how to get an apprenticeship or where to find a course.

Really liked mining and don’t mind a bit of hard yakka? Why not increase your job chances and salary tenfold and study engineering?

Health jobs

Worked in health? There is a shortage of health support workers and caregivers here.

If you enjoyed health support roles in Oz, why not try applying to work as a laboratory technician or phlebotomist or train into midwifery, nursing, physiotherapy, medical radiation technologist, or the vast range of other health jobs? There is a good chance of finding work.

Relocating in New Zealand

If you moved all the way to Australia, then you’ve got the chops to live somewhere different in New Zealand.

You’ll be surprised at the jobs available in other cities.

Match your skills to jobs in different regions around New Zealand on our flash new Regional Job Matcher.

Job seeking

You found work in Australia by networking with friends and family there, joining recruitment agencies, checking out job vacancy websites, contacting HR departments and employers, commenting in social media forums such as Trade Me, right?

That’s what you need to do here.

Upgrade your CV, ring your mates and enrol in an agency before you come home.

Be prepared for job seeking to take time, so have some money saved.

Finally, take the Six Step Challenge to get you Kiwi work ready.

Welcome back!

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