5 useful ways to fill in time when hoping for a job interview

In the anxious time after putting in a job application, put your nervous energy to good use by ticking off this checklist:

  1. Have you alerted your referees that you hope to be calling on them? Have you got their up-to-date contact details? Sent them the job ad and your application? Anything you want to remind them about?
  2. Is your phone charged, with plenty of credit on it? Have you recorded a sensible message?
  3. Do you have Skype set up on your computer already? Great – many initial interviews are done by Skype these days. Check that you have a professional-looking profile image displayed, and that you can sit somewhere well lit, where a tidy background will show.  Ask a friend to give you some honest feedback on how you come across by video.More on Skype professionalism
  4. Got an interview outfit ready? This is important even for a Skype interview. It may be ok to work in your pajamas at home, but it would be a very tolerant employer who picked someone who interviewed in night attire.
  5. Do you display a clean, professional online presence? Do an online search for yourself and see what turns up. If necessary, set your Facebook settings to Friends Only.More on social media and job interviews


  1. Riky

    Very informative blog Thanks for sharing.

    • Patricia Laurenson

      Thank you!

  2. angelamalagon

    Reblogged this on Angela Malagon and commented:
    I find too many job seekers who are ill prepared during their job search. The first two things that you should do when seeking a new employer is 1. Make sure that your social sites are private – if they are your source of socializing and 2. make certain that your voicemail message is professional – this includes “ringback” tones. You don’t want to make a bad impression before landing the interview.

    • Patricia Laurenson

      Thanks Angela!

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