8 things you probably don’t expect about your dream job

Last year, I blogged about Kazzie Mahina, who works at her dream job as a mermaid.

Thinking about your dream job?

It made me think about people I’ve met and interviewed who are doing their dream jobs. I realised that even dream jobs have a downside, though we don’t tend to talk about that.

I don’t know what Kazzie would say, though I suspect unpredicatible hours and insecure work could feature. Here are some thoughts from people who, although happy in their dream job, would also tell you that a dream job:

  1. wasn’t their first idea of a dream job
  2. may not pay well
  3. may involve working conditions that are far from ideal
  4. may involve high levels of stress
  5. could  may have long hours and few, if any, holidays
  6. may have parts that are very boring
  7. might be in a workplace that is not friendly
  8. took much longer and involved more sacrifices than expected.

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