Never-again jobs – Lucy

In this series I ask a range of people to tell me about the jobs they have done to get to where they are today. Amongst the great jobs are the not-so-great ones they would never go back to – the never-again jobs – and we’ve all had at least one of these. Should we consign these jobs to the memory graveyard, or are there lessons we can learn from them?

Tell us about your own ‘never-again’ jobs, we’d love to hear from you.

Lucy, 20s/30s

What is your current job?

I’m a management accountant at an import and retail company – I do financial reports and analysis to help the company make decisions.

What was your first-ever job?

It was a newspaper run shared with a neighbor for a few hours per week, and it required intensive labour!

What have you done between your first and current jobs?

  • Counter person at a takeaway store
  • The deli girl at the supermarket
  • Babysitting
  • Administration work for a very small company
  • Business advisor at an accounting firm
  • Financial accountant at a manufacturing company
  • Financial analyst at a manufacturing company
  • Planning analyst at an import and retail company

Which job did you really enjoy?

Financial analyst at a manufacturing company – lots to learn, great team atmosphere.

Which one was your never-again job?

Newspaper run – I couldn’t carry all the heavy newspapers!

What have you learned from doing those jobs?

It is hard work to earn your own money, so you learn to appreciate your parents for pulling in all their resources to bring you up.


I did the chartered accountancy qualifications – 4 years of university for the bachelor of commerce and administration degree, as well as the graduate diploma.  Then 3 years of practical work experience with 2 exams and professional accounting school.

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