Thank your unsung hero and win a donation to charity

Christmas preparers fall into two camps:

The organised ones who saunter smilingly through their mid-December days, presents bought and wrapped, turkey ordered and a tree in the corner already shedding its first needles.

And the unorganised ones (my hand’s up here) who get a little frisson of anxiety each time they pass a shop and still don’t spot the perfect present for their partner who refuses to offer ideas and insists their gift should be a surprise.

Enter our Facebook competition

Whether you are strolling or crashing your way towards Christmas, zap onto our Facebook page and show your appreciation for those other people in your lives, apart from family and friends, who give you opportunities to shine throughout the year. A work colleague maybe, or a teacher, an employer, a manager, a mentor, or a sports coach – someone in your life who has helped you in some way by encouraging, teaching, hiring or motivating you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small – as long as it is meaningful to you. At the same time you will earn a chance to win a donation to your favourite charity.

Here’s what you do:

  • Simply go onto our Careers New Zealand Facebook page and post a big thank you to the person who has helped or supported you
  • Tell us why this person is your unsung hero – what they’ve done to ‘earn’ your appreciation
  • Ideally, tag them into the Facebook post (though this is not compulsory)

You will go into the draw to win a donation from us to a New Zealand charity of your choice. The draw will be made on New Year’s Day.

Happy holidays!

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