How do I know if a job will suit me?

In my job, I’ve talked to lots of people about their jobs, and profiled them on our website Many of them had changed career – they realised that their first job wasn’t for them, and felt a huge sense of relief  that they’d change direction:

  • The flower grower who got promoted and was able to start using her leadership skills to turn the business around
  • The other flower grower who had hated working in a butchery because she had to smile at the customers even when she felt grumpy
  • The gardener who had been a chef and was so pleased to be out of a hot kitchen with stressed people wielding knives

So how can you you know what a job is really like?

Well of course you can look at the information on our website, particularly the personal requirements section. Here’s some information about chefs (which that gardener should have read).

You can join TradeMe. They have a jobs forum on their Community Message Board and there are always people there willing to give advice, support – and more.

You can try to find people who do the job, and ask them my magical question:

What should someone know about this job?

This is a very underused option because it’s hard to approach someone out of the blue – but people who like their job are usually happy to talk about it.

When you think how much money you might shell out in training for the wrong thing – how much is it worth to you to save at least $15,000?

Work experience is a brilliant way of trying out a job. There are lots of ways it can work  – listed on our website.

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