How to write a good job advertisement

Sign that says 'Help wanted apply within'

Simple job ads do work.

Want to hire good, solid staff?  Then write an enticing and simple job advertisement.

Here we explain the parts of a good job advertisement.

How to write your job advertisement

Start with an eye-catching headline

Use a job title that is well known and truthfully reflects the job. For example: Cleaner not Hygiene Manager.  ANZCO lists the common job titles if you are stuck.

Put this with a snappy description:

‘Energetic, fussy cleaner wanted’

One to three sentences to describe who you are and what the role is

Sum up the role and who you are in no more than three sentences. Be clear as to what the job involves, but use positive language:

‘Fussy Cleaners provides top quality timely cleaning services to motels. We are looking for an energetic experienced cleaner to clean motel rooms and motel common areas to our high standards. The work is from 7am-2pm weekdays, and you will need to drive our company car to work.’

Describe what you want from your ideal employee

List the qualifications, skills, attributes and experience you need from an applicant. Include software knowledge or driver’s licence if needed.

Keep the language simple, and use bullet points to make your list stand out:

‘Fussy cleaners have a reputation for providing good quality cleaning, so we need a person who:

  • has experience cleaning hotels or motels
  • can work to a list of quality standards
  • can work by themselves to a deadline
  • has a current driver’s licence
  • can fill in a worksheet.’

Describe what training you will do and any rewards you offer

Put in a sentence about any training you provide, whether there are any bonuses or rewards and salary. If you are not keen on writing the salary, you might like to try a scale range.

‘All cleaners hired will get trained on how to use our quality standard list and on how to fill in their worksheets on a tablet. You will be provided with a uniform. The pay range is from $16-21 per hour depending on experience.’

Explain how to apply for the job

Be clear as to what you want from the applicant. If you want a CV, cover letter, written references, referee details, evidence of work history, a police check form – state this. Include a name and contact number for applicants.

‘If you want to be a cleaner with us, please send your CV and cover letter with two referee phone numbers by email to Moana Rewi at Please call us on 02 123 12345 if you have any questions.

Applications close by 5pm on Friday 10 August.’

Optional – sell your company

You might want to put a little encouragement at the end.

‘Visit our website to find out what a fun company we are to work with:’;

Use a template to write your job advertisement

While many job vacancy websites will guide you, here are some good tips and job application templates:

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  1. mikedooley2013

    Excellent! I believe this advice for employers is long overdue so, well done Amanda!

  2. Phillip

    Excellent Summary Amanda- very helpful!



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