A (Nearly) Universal Truth about Interviewing


Here are some important things to remember when you get an interview (and a second interview).

Originally posted on Leadership, Marketing...and Everything:

Going for job interviews can be intimidating, and in a multi-stage hiring process characterized by several callbacks the pressure can build.  It’s not uncommon for a candidate’s anxious energy to start to get the better of them.  This reaction is only natural; after committing time and effort to the search effort, the requisite research, and the interviews themselves, it’s easy to get psyched out.  The nerves will only multiply if a candidate has extenuating circumstances, like having been out of work for a period or disliking his or her current job.

So here’s a (nearly) universal truth of interviews (I’ll explain the nearly part a bit further down), from the perspective of the hiring organization:

Every single time a company invests the time to interview you, they are doing so because they believe that you can be, and hope that you are, perfect for the role.

Too many people forget…

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