10 good reasons to do volunteer work

If you can’t get a paid job, there are at least 10 good reasons to do volunteer work:

  1. It looks good on your CV and your LinkedIn profile, if you have one
  2. It may net you some referees
  3. It gets you out of the house
  4. You may make some new friends
  5. Those friends might know someone who’s looking for an employee
  6. It gives you some structure and meaning to your day
  7. It may give structure and meaning to your life, especially if you volunteer for a cause close to your heart
  8. It might turn into a paid job at that organisation – or their head office
  9. It may open up a whole new career for you, as you try out some work that you may not have been able to do in the paid workforce
  10. It gives you transferable skills that employers want.

However – there are traps in doing volunteer work  – which I’ll address in a later post.

Find volunteer opportunities throughout the country at Volunteering New Zealand.


  1. Roger Tweedy

    Both recent articles on volunteering – avoiding the traps and 10 reasons – good value Patricia. One issue I found of value when working at a Volunteer Centre was to encourage Community Agencies to use more commerial jobs titles. ie. Client Services Officer rather than Volunteer Receptionist. Particularly helpful if using recruitment agencies.

    Whilst people volunteer for many reasons those who do it as a pathway to employment is the fastest growthing area. Interesting at a recent meeting with senior govt people in NSW was interesing to note that the ‘volunteering unit’ is now part of the Department of Education obviously signalling this connection over the ditch.
    Roger Tweedy

    • Patricia Laurenson

      Thanks Roger. That’s is interesting. It seems like a win-win – although perhaps the fact that people are using volunteer work as a stepping stone will increase turnover in the voluntary sector. Patricia

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