Top 12 back-to-school links

It’s back-to-school time! These links will make it easier to get smart this year:

  1. Need a new uniform but want to save money and recycle? For pre-loved uniforms try:

  2. Get NCEA study tips and online tutorials at:

  3. Not sure how NCEA works? Get in the know here:

  4. Back to school leaves you cold? If you think you can’t go back, get some good advice from:

  5. You can study, get work experience and learn for a trade while still at school:

  6. Find help with  those difficult subject choices:

  7. Will the subjects you chose give you enough credits for university entrance? Find out here:

  8. Check out high school scholarships:

  9. Answer common questions about school:

  10. Get organised. Find out the school terms and calendars:

  11. Locate information and support for students heading into special education:

  12. For one on one advice about school and careers, chat to us online:

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