Another way to fund your tertiary studies – scholarships

While eating my breakfast this morning and reading the back of the cereal box, I saw a story about Rebecca Lock who won a Hubbards Food Technology Scholarship.

It got me thinking about Adam Goldwater, featured on our website. Adam won so many scholarships that he couldn’t remember them all.  As he said,

“During my degree [scholarships] were quite a good incentive to try and get good marks…

“I didn’t have a part-time job during my degree, only during the summer. I figured that if I spent the time trying to get good marks to get scholarships, what was the point in working?

“It means you can come out pretty much debt-free if you work hard and keep getting scholarships.”

It sounds pretty fantastic – what’s not to like about a cash incentive to focus on your studies?

However scholarships don’t fall in your lap. You have to go hunting for them. And it can take time to fill in the application forms.

But  if you haven’t been able to find holiday work (tips on that here), you’ll have some free time you can put to good use by having a look at our information on scholarships.

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