Get ahead by getting smart with your money (Part 1)  

Two bakers ice a cake

A trade apprenticeship in a job where there’s high demand makes getting ahead a piece of cake!

You might be planning to do tertiary study in 2016, and wondering how you’re going to manage it all financially. Or you’re already juggling study and paying the bills, but it’s all a bit of a struggle.

The biggest debts students face these days are loan and living costs. It’s hard to avoid debt altogether, unless you’ve won Lotto or have parents willing to financially support you. But the choices you make and actions you take early on can minimise your long-term debt.

If you’re studying for a degree in an area where there is a real skill shortage, you’re guaranteed to net a job with great earning potential and may be able to pay off your debts quite quickly. However, many graduates are facing increasing competition for roles, and are questioning the value of racking up large student loans.

Whatever your situation, here are some ideas to get you thinking about ways you can cut your study costs:

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Make a difference – work alongside people with cancer

A daffodil

You can give hope to people with cancer by supporting the Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day, and working in a health career

The first signs of spring are here – with bright yellow daffodils nodding to the warmer weather. They remind us of Daffodil Day, a symbol of hope for the one in three New Zealanders affected by cancer every year.

If you’re interested in a career that makes a real difference to people with cancer, you can choose from a range of health-related jobs – from medicine to social work and medical research to technology and engineering. Take a few minutes to check them out.  Continue Reading ›

Are you prepared for the rise of the robots? (Jobs of the future, Part 1)

Three toy robots side by side

Rapid advances in computing, artificial intelligence and sensor technologies will allow us humanoids more time to find creative solutions to the world’s problems

It’s official, the robots are coming! Ultra-smart machines that have incredible computational powers will make inroads into many jobs in the coming years.

A new report predicts that about 40% of the Australian workforce faces the high probability of being replaced by computers in the next 10 to 15 years – a trend that is likely to happen here too.

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For all the capable women out there – get a trade and you’ve got it made!

Student talking to an Air New Zealand team leader about aircraft engineering

Employers are keen to see more women training in trades

With the high demand for tradies, getting an apprenticeship can set you up for life.

There are gaping holes in New Zealand’s trade toolbox – you’ve only got to look at the shortage of tradespeople and construction professionals for the Christchurch rebuild to realise this. The skill shortfall extends across a wide range of trades, from carpenters and plasterers to plumbers and engineers. So what better time to re-examine your study and training options? Continue Reading ›

How te reo Māori can help you get a job when jobs are scarce

Teacher talks with two students in a classroom

Te reo Māori skills can give you an edge if you’re looking to become a teacher

Every so often we hear that new teachers are finding it hard to get jobs, so what better time than Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week) to point out that teachers with te reo Māori skills have a far better chance of getting a job?

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How you can be part of Māori business success

Māori businesses are optimistic. In fact, 70% feel upbeat about their chances of growth in the next three years.

And well they should, with some iwi and trusts tipping into $1 billion worth of assets. Ngāi Tahu, for example, has assets and revenue that compare with top earner Port of Tauranga.

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