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How to write a job application that employers will want to read

April 15, 2014

Employers hate getting long-winded CVs and cover letters, with incorrect spelling and grammar, so follow these three steps to give your job application the best chance of being read:

1. Shorten your CV and cover letter for screen-friendly reading

Write like you’re packing for a long trip – you know, put everything you want in a big heap, and then discard half of it.

Close-up of a bag with a zipper

Don’t overfill travel bags – or job applications

Most CVs and cover letters will be read on a screen – so use the principles of writing for the web:

  • shorter is better – halve the amount of text you’d have on a printed page
  • use bullet points
  • use meaningful headings.

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How your factory work skills can help you find a job

April 8, 2014
Lego figure printing off one hundred dollar notes on a machine.

Someone could use those money printing skills

Have you been working in a factory and need to find a new job?

Let’s face it – job ads can be a little out there. They want you to have a degree in spannerology to tighten rivets on a conveyor belt? Really?

It can be tempting to think from the ads that many jobs don’t fit you. But that isn’t the case.

There are plenty of jobs that fit the great skills you already have.

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Guest blog: How to get loyalty and high performance from your staff

April 7, 2014

The benefits of loyal staff

If you want to get top results and become a leader with a great reputation, then building loyalty amongst staff is a must.

Some managers and leaders try to do this by force, holding back career progression and trying to make employees feel that there are no other options for them. While this may make them stay in your team, all is does is dishearten and disempower them, and eventually they will leave. Even if they don’t, their performance will slowly deteriorate over time.

Loyalty to a leader creates high performance, through intrinsic motivation. Research shows that external motivators, like dashboard results and commissions, do not raise performance anywhere near the level that intrinsic motivation can achieve.

I’m going to share with you my top tips for developing a loyal, high-performing team. These are taken from my work with senior managers, psychologists, and coaches, as well as my research into top entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Mark Cuban.

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Help! No time to prepare for my interview

March 28, 2014
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Good tips for all sorts of interviews!

Originally posted on Vic Careers:

Some students will be interviewing or about to interview for Graduate Recruitment and Summer Internships so I thought it timely to do a quick round up of my top tips for interview preparation, with a specific focus on time. Or rather, lack of time. I know that employers will often only give us 1 or 2 days’ notice to come in for an interview and if that also coincides with when a test or assignment is due then this can cause even the most organised person to have a mini freak out. Try not to though. First of all take pride and joy in the fact that you’ve been invited to an interview! This means you did well in your application and psychometric testing (if applicable). It’s important not to forget this. They wouldn’t get you in to interview you if they didn’t think you had potential. The interview is…

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Should I finish my degree or drop out now and cut my losses?

March 26, 2014

The short answer is – It Depends. A LinkedIn post that suggested a degree was irrelevant generated 831 comments – most of them violently agreeing or disagreeing.

Good reasons to drop out

A dog looking at a text book

Is study irrelevant – or are you just dog-tired?

  • You have realised you hate study.
  • You don’t even know why you are there.
  • You know you are not getting value from your student fees.
  • You really really really want to do something else. You know if you drop out, it could be a poor choice financially but for you it’s just not worth staying in study.
  • You are very highly motivated and know what you want to do instead – in fact you’ve already started your business and study has become a distraction.
  • You have a job offer in an industry where degrees aren’t as important as experience. Website development is an example. CEO Ilya Pozin said:

 I don’t even know which of my employees has a degree or not – it makes no difference to me. I care more about the impact my employees have on my company. I’d much rather hire someone who has been freelancing as a web developer for three years than someone who has a master’s degree in computer science.


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A ticket to your dream career in 3 easy steps

March 20, 2014
Harkins Theatres

Launching your dream career takes some planning

If you were handed a ticket to watch a movie of your own dream career, how would the story unfold? Would it be sparked by a chance in a life-time event, or fall into your lap out of the blue one day? That happens, but it’s so rare that you’d be foolish to take a bet on it.

A more reliable way is to search for your dream career, which involves a bit of planning and action. Here’s 3 simple steps that will see the launch of your own dream career.

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How many careers does it take?

March 19, 2014

Originally posted on Vic Careers:

We go around our daily lives not realising how many different types of jobs and careers it takes to put on, run and create the things in our world. Next time you do something – go to the supermarket; complete a form; turn up to a lecture or attend an event, think about all the different careers involved. I was just at the music and dance festival, WOMAD and I started thinking about this. It opens up all sorts of new career options which may suit you. I’m not saying I’m ready to leave my job as a career consultant just yet but there were some cool roles that I thought I would be good at. No, I couldn’t be the creative henna tattooist or the talented trombone player but hey there was a selection of jobs which made the whole festival successful that would require my strong communication and…

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