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Have you got the NCEA credits you need for that job? Take our quiz

January 20, 2015
Image of Pacman and the words "Om nom nom"

Do you eat NCEA credits like Pacman? Try our quiz

Are you clued up on what credits you need to get the job you want? Try our quiz!

Answers below – we’re watching you, don’t cheat. Ooh – we see you!

1. To become an army soldier you must have:

a. NCEA Level 1 in maths and English

b. NCEA Level 3 – completed

c. NCEA Level 1 in physical education and science. Read more…

The 10 worst things you can do when applying for jobs

January 12, 2015
Two men party with oversized glasses wearing hats made out of balloons

Clean up your Facebook photos before applying for work

At Advice Line people often ask us for tips on looking for work.

We give out positive tips on what to do, but sometimes it’s also helpful to know what not to do.

So, from our experience, here are some pointers on what not to do when looking for work:

1. Use the same CV for every job

Do you use the same CV for every application? You could be in trouble. Computers sort CVs now, and reject those that don’t have the keywords from the job advertisement. If you don’t use the keywords and skills, your CV may not get read.

You can easily create and store multiple CVs using our CV Builder.

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Happy Anniversary, Mr Scrooge!

December 19, 2014
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Originally posted on Careers and Employment:

Hold on to your Humbugs! Today is the 171st Anniversary of the publication of Charles Dickens’ all-time classic A Christmas Carol.

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Young women – overcome the gender barrier and land yourself some great job prospects!

December 12, 2014
Sas, firefighter, standing by a fire truck

Sas, a firefighter, is breaking gender stereotypes

Be inspired to re-examine your study and training options

Why do so many young women still overlook jobs with great prospects, which happen to be in traditionally male-dominated areas?

It’s a question that photography student Chrissy Irvine, 23, addresses in a new website – Herstory – which features conversations with women about their work and life. Chrissy aims to help young women overcome social barriers and pursue opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have thought of. She says, “As a society and a workforce, we are missing out on the skills and experience they [women] could be bringing to jobs they don’t traditionally ‘belong’ in.”

The website features 18 profiles of women who mostly work in non-conventional roles. For example, you can read about Joanne – the sea pilot who achieved her Foreign-going Master’s Certificate, which means she can be a ship’s captain anywhere in the world. And there’s Sas – the firefighter who became a station officer after learning how to be confident and assertive in a male-dominated occupation.

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Top 10 jobs on Careers New Zealand’s website

December 4, 2014

Every month we look at our website statistics to give us an idea what people are looking at on the Careers New Zealand website. Although there is some variation, the most viewed jobs have changed very little over recent years. Here they are (click on the links to find out more about each job):

1. Psychologist

A man sitting at a table watching someone construct a puzzle

Psychologist is the most viewed job on the Careers New Zealand website

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The Loki Model Part II: Sometimes they come back and ask questions.

November 28, 2014

Originally posted on Careers and Employment:

Last month, I talked a bit about how to be like Loki and ace a job application by telling the truth. Using the Norse god of lies as a case study, we talked about what not to say in a job interview. So now let’s look at part two of the Loki Model: asking the right questions.

Believe it or not, selling your strengths is actually the easy part. You can prepare for what to say when they hit that six month gap in your CV where you took time off to train to be a professional shark wrestler, or explain that yes you failed a paper but it was because your lecturer was actually a Martian. The question people most often seem to forget to prepare for usually comes around the end of the interview, and goes something like this:

“So, do you have any questions about this job?”

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Electric vehicle expo getting students engaged in technology

November 25, 2014

Drag-racing cars, go-karts and motorcycles will be revving it up at the Evolocity expo in Ruapuna, Christchurch, on Sunday 30 November, but there’s a good chance you won’t hear a thing, even if you’re at the event. This is because all the vehicles on display and racing will be electric.


A student sitting in a battery-powered electric go-kart with two other students crouching down beside him

Students testing out their electric go-kart


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