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Don’t overlook potential winners when employing staff

September 19, 2014

First impressions can be deceiving:

Sharon sat shyly with her baby at a table kneading playdough.

Playdough with a child's hand prodding it

A simple request at the playdough table had a huge impact on one person’s life.

Hair over her face, she hardly looked up as people buzzed around her at the early childhood centre.

“That new girl just isn’t contributing,” she overheard one of the parents hiss.

“Give her a chance,” said Maree. “She’s very young and she probably feels intimidated.”

Maree quietly sat down beside Sharon. “Hey, I need a hand with setting up the blocks – could you help me bring some boxes out of the storeroom?”.  Sharon brought the boxes. At the end of the session, she put them away. The next session she put out the blocks and asked if she could do anything else to help.

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5 ways to improve your employees’ literacy

September 17, 2014
Danger sign with a picture of a cow being hit by electricity.

Danger is everywhere if your employees can’t read.

Hired staff but they can’t fill in timesheets, invoices or read instructions? You’re not alone. According to the Tertiary Education Commission  one million people are affected by low literacy levels.

If your staff have trouble reading and writing, it can expose your workplace to danger and waste. It can also make it difficult for apprentices to get qualifications.

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What the h@%# is career development and why do I need it?

September 12, 2014

Could inaccurate assumptions about career development be holding your business back?

We debunk four of the most common myths and show why you need to rethink career development in your business.

Hercules wrestling cerberus

Juggling your business needs and the needs of your employees? Career development can help you do it easier.


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10 Interpersonal skills to land that dream job

September 10, 2014

Originally posted on Vic Careers:

SkillsYou hear it all the time if you’ve been job searching or even thinking about getting work. If you’ve been to Vic Careers you would have heard it from us as well. Interpersonal Skills – one of the key set of skills most actively sought by employers. In fact, strong interpersonal skills always appear in the top ten skills employers look for.

So what exactly are interpersonal skills and why are they so important? They are important because they demonstrate how you interact with others. Because of this, they are important not just in the workplace, but in your own personal and social lives. In today’s job market, having technical skills is just not enough. You must be able to develop and maintain strong working relationships, to work well in a team and be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and clients. According to Wikipedia, interpersonal skills relate to…

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How career resilient are you? Take our quiz.

September 5, 2014
Tabby cat hisses at scared boxer dog who stands on her hind legs.

Do the smallest things freak you out?

I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down – Chumbawumba

Resilience is becoming the single most important quality to survive the future of work. So much so, it is now being taught in high schools. So, just how career resilient are you? Take our fun quiz and answer yes if it sounds true, or partly true, to you.

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Guest blog: Social media can showcase your skills to employers

September 3, 2014

Guest blogger Chris South gives his advice on how to use social media as a job-hunting tool.

LinkedIn – just the start in online tools for jobseekers

If you are looking for a new job, you may have created a LinkedIn profile

A CV that looks similar to a snakes and ladders game board

Social media can allow you to showcase design and creative skills

(as well as having a well-worded CV and a good, targeted cover letter).  For a lot of job seekers this is where their involvement with social media ends.

However, other social platforms – when used correctly – can add real value to your job search.

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Looking for a vibrant future? The Primary Industries Vocational Pathway can take you there…

August 28, 2014

A rainbow of job opportunities lies in wait for you down the primary sector path

It’s official. If you’re looking for a solid career pathway then the primary industries are a sure footing.

Inevitably, the primary industries go through periods of ups and downs. However, according to a report forecasting the future workforce needs of the primary sector around 50,000 new workers will be needed in the next ten years . This is the number needed to meet the Government’s target of doubling primary sector exports by 2025, as well as to compensate for the large numbers of workers approaching retirement age.

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