Your mates are going to study, and you’re not? Shake it off.

Three school students stand under an umbrella. One student looks sad in the background

Sione was sad when his mates left to study. Then he remembered they were going to wet Wellington


You didn’t get all the NCEA credits to get into your course, or you missed out on getting into the course you wanted, so now you’re not going off to study with your mates. Ouch. They’re all talking about hostels, orientation, and student loans and you’re sitting there bored and a little left out. You’ve got major FOMO.

What are you going to do now? Have some fun, that’s what.


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Find out how to land a Gigajob at the Gisborne Herald Careers Expo!

Two students hold up smartphones to help them study in the library.

Kim Holland invites you to our exciting seminars on Gigajobs at the Gisborne Herald Careers Expo this month:

Gisborne may have been pipped at the post in last year’s GigaTown competition, but taking part in the competition has left a greater understanding about future work options in the city and further afield. We’ll be drawing on that awareness and interest at a seminar that will be part of the Gisborne Herald Careers Expo later this month.

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Learn how to talk careers with your rangatahi at the Gisborne Herald Careers Expo in Gisborne


Will Goldsmith, career consultant at Careers New Zealand, talks about upcoming seminars at the Gisborne Herald Careers Expo in Gisborne.

Ever tried to talk to that teenager in your life about what they want to do when they leave school, and got the cold shoulder?

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Hot IT Jobs for 2015

Considering training in IT, but wondering which jobs are in demand before committing to a course?

Two men looking at a computer screen

The technology industry is New Zealand’s fastest growing sector, and is our third biggest export earner after dairy and tourism

Most roles in the IT industry are in demand and likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Many of these roles appear on Immigration New Zealand’s long-term skill shortages list, which means the government is trying to attract people from overseas because of a shortage of local skills.

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